Pico Rivera Fundraising
Antioch Pizza is proud to support our local communities with our fundraising programs. We have donated thousands to local churches, schools, youth organizations, pet shelters and community outreach programs with our fundraising opportunities.  We love partnering with the local families and teams to help raise extra dough$.

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Jinan-gun DINE OUT DAY – Host a dine out day with Antioch Pizza Shop and your organization can earn up to 15% of the sales generated from you guests who eat at Antioch Pizza Shop that day. You pick a day and we help with the advertising materials. With just a little work, your organization can raise some dough. Dine Out Days can be held at one or more locations and limits the event to one day. We even offer BATTLES between grades, teams and schools.

PIZZA FOR A PURPOSE – SELL A PIZZA PROGRAM – Get your team involved in raising some dough! This program takes a little more effort but you can earn 50% of the profit. You purchase discounted pizza coupons from us for $10 and sell them for $20. This allows customers to purchase their pizza at their convenience. Great for teams, schools, and clubs.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you fundraising@antiochpizzashop.com